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We put people at the heart of everything. We understand that the quality of products is directly downstream from the quality of our people, our values, and our connection. Our mission is bold – to reinvent a fractured, dehumanizing industry as a powerful force for growth and creativity. We only win by assembling the brightest minds with the biggest hearts and a hint of revolution.


We build intelligent robots that automate tasks no human was born to do. With computer vision and machine intelligence, our robots are the first in the world to truly excel at what matters most – performing real-world tasks for people who struggle to adopt automation but desperately need help.

Available Positions

What we love + How we operate

Values and qualities we look for in our teammates

Uncommonly Smart

Finding the brightest minds is existential to our mission. We look for people with extreme depth in their field, system-level intuition, and a healthy dose of disregard for convention.

Insanely Passionate

We love what we’re building. We love people with an innate drive to create meaningful products – who obsess over details, invent in the shower, and bring their full heart and genius to work.

Take Ownership

We’re in the trenches together. Everyone is responsible for getting things done and the “someone else should fix it” mentality doesn’t fly. We all do what we can on the path to success.

Product Focused

We’re here to serve people, not collect awards. We build tools that solve real problems for the real world. We like teammates with deep customer empathy and a strong urgency to ship.

Wired For Growth

Our success comes from a beginners mind. We like people who are confident enough to be authentic, challenge their assumptions, and always stay open to discovering something new.

Mission Driven

We have diverse perspectives, but are one team. We strive to create a better future and to win together. Our tribe is team-first, service-minded, and committed to elevating the human condition.

Recruitment is not about hiring people – it's about finding our tribe.

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