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Girls in Tech Highlight 07/19/19
#GITCATALYST event (World´s most transformative conference for women in Tech) Rosanna Myers talked about The Future of Robotics and AI.
Leaders in Technology 07/26/19
We hosted our First Leaders in Technology event in GDL, we invited CTO´s and VP/Managers of Engineering to chat about Challenges faced in a fast-moving environment.

Thanks to all the GDL Startups who joined us!
Thank you! 07/26/19
Amazing art from Deb Aoki about Rosanna´s talk at CATALYST #GITCATALYST
Meet & Greet at our GDL Office 04/25/19
Carbon robotics hosted an event in our Guadalajara office, more than 30 people visited us, meet the team and co-founders, we talked about the great environment in Mexico and more about opportunities to join us as we grow.
TEDxZapopanSalon 04/25/19
El futuro del trabajo en la era de los robots
Tarsim: Realtime Frontend Integratable and Configurable Robot Kinematics Simulator 03/11/19
Could not be more proud of our brilliant roboticist Kamran Shamaei – who just released his open-source realtime robot kinematics simulator! It's configurable, integratable, and super robust.
Breakaway ceos on standing out and staying ahead 06/21/18
Envested CEO Isa Watson, Carbon Robotics Co-founder and CEO Rosanna Myers, and Beyond Curious CEO Nikki Barua speak with Synack Co-founder and CEO Jay Kaplan at the Bloomberg Breakaway CEO Summit in New York.
The Carbon Robotics CEO says robots will be today’s combine harvester 06/01/18
At Recode’s Code Conference, founder and CEO Rosanna Myers busted the myths that robots are cheap and smart. But she predicts a future where robots will revolutionize work in the 21st century the way the combine harvester revolutionized farming in the 19th century.
Hundreds of Start-Ups Tell Investors: Diversify, or Keep Your Money 03/20/18
Proud to be part of #FoundersForChange. When working on the hardest problems that exist, you need the best minds that exist - it turns out the best minds can come from anywhere.
Women's history month: Women in Robotics 03/29/2017
"A friend of Robolink (!), Rosanna Myers was educated at Duke, majoring in Political Science, and has won events and titles including the Duke Start-Up Challenge, the Best Startup of CES award, and the Top 50 Robotics Companies in the Global Robotics Industry review."
The EMpower Podcast 01/24/19
Episode 013 of #TheEMpowerPodcast, hosted by @heyemilykennedy Rosanna talks about Carbon Robotics, risk, and finding your calling.
MakersNight 59 / Impresión 3D 11/07/19
Joaquín Benítez part of our Software team talked in Guadalajara Mexico about how we are building an IDE for robotics.
Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence for robots by Carbon Robotics 04/23/19
Ruben shared a Workshop in Talent Land about Computer vision and artificial intelligence for robots.
Computer Vision in Robotics by Dan Corkum 04/23/19
"Como la vision por Computadora Clásica, aunado a las herramientas de machine learning, hacen a la vision por computadora lo suficientemente robusta para ser la fuente principal de información para que un robot pueda interactuar con su entorno de manera segura y precisa."
Robots for Humanity: The Story of Carbon by Rosanna Myers 05/07/2019
"Los robots harán trabajo de robots y los humanos, trabajo de personas, ve aquí la ponencia de Rosanna Myers, CEO de Carbon Robotics, en #TalentLand."
The Science behind computer vision 11/12/18
Dan Corkum gives an introduction to the challenges and opportunities in computer vision for robotics.
H/F Guadalajara- Carbon Robotics 11/23/18
Recent talk our CEO gave with Hackers & Founders Guadalajara about the robotics industry, why GDL is awesome, and lessons learned so far.#HFGDL If you like this, consider going to our brilliant CTO's talk on computer vision next Monday!.
One small step for AI, one giant leap for humanity 07/11/18
Rosanna Myers (Carbon Robotics) and Nick Sugimoto (Honda Innovations). One small step for AI, one giant leap for humanity. A discussion on how and why R&D labs in robotics are where mankind's next massive leap will stem.
Bloomberg Breakaway: Member CEO Rosanna Myers 08/29/18
Bloomberg Breakaway Member Rosanna Myers, Co-Founder and CEO of Carbon Robotics, at the 2018 Summit in NYC shares advice and what it takes to be a Breakaway member.
Atlantic future now 06/18/18
We're LIVE at #AtlanticFutureNow, discussing where tech is taking us. How will the intersection of human and machine evolve? What upcoming breakthroughs will have the biggest impact on our world?
IEEE Entrepreneurship @ #CollisionConf: Carbon Robotics 08/28/17
Rosanna Myers of Carbon Robotics talks to IEEE Entrepreneurship about how her company is lowering the cost of production for robotic arms.

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