We are Carbon Robotics

What we love + How we operate

Values and qualities we look for in our teammates

Uncommonly Smart

Finding the brightest minds is existential to our mission. We look for people with extreme depth in their field, system-level intuition, and a healthy dose of disregard for convention.

Insanely Passionate

We love what we’re building. We love people with an innate drive to create meaningful products – who obsess over details, invent in the shower, and bring their full heart and genius to work.

Take Ownership

We’re in the trenches together. Everyone is responsible for getting things done and the “someone else should fix it” mentality doesn’t fly. We all do what we can on the path to success.

Product Focused

We’re here to serve people, not collect awards. We build tools that solve real problems for the real world. We like teammates with deep customer empathy and a strong urgency to ship.

Wired For Growth

Our success comes from a beginners mind. We like people who are confident enough to be authentic, challenge their assumptions, and always stay open to discovering something new.

Mission Driven

We have diverse perspectives, but are one team. We strive to create a better future and to win together. Our tribe is team-first, service-minded, and committed to elevating the human condition.

People crazy enough to think they can change the world

Jordan Kretchmer
President & CEO
Founder / CEO of Livefyre. Grew team to 200+ employees, raised $100M in capital, and sold to Adobe in 2016.
Rosanna Myers
Founder & CPO
Rosanna got her start rebuilding old racing cars and is passionate about building tools that serve humanity.
Dan Corkum
Founder & CTO
Dan got his start soldering in 4th grade and is passionate about tackling large-scale problems.
Ruddick Lawrence
VP of Engineering
Ruddick has developed software for advanced medical robots and specializes in delivering ambitious projects on time.
Kamran Shamaei, PhD.
Director of Platform
Kamran is an expert in serial manipulation who has deployed software to power exoskeletons and surgical robots.
Tom Hummel, PhD.
Director of Embedded Systems
Tom, former Director of Robotics at Kindred AI, is an expert in building intelligent robots for manufacturing.
Kenny So
Director of Asia Operations
Kenny has 25+ years of experience in manufacturing, project management, and business operations. Previously managed accounts with $1B+ in annual revenue.
Tyson Ringold, PhD.
Lead Mechatronics
Tyson has designed and deployed robots that displaced industry leaders in challenging manufacturing environments.
Zach Marshall
Business Operations
Zach, former US Navy SEAL, is adept in navigating high-impact, mission-critical situations across complex enterprises internationally.
Boone Adkins
Robotics Software & AI
Boone is an open-source advocate whose software has powered a commercial mining robot and spacecraft.
Sandino Morales, PhD.
Sandino is an expert in image-based three-dimensional analysis and reconstruction, as well as object detection and tracking.
Pablo Bleyer
Electronics and Embedded Systems
Pablo is a master architect of real-time systems for crucial avionics, medical, and robotic applications.
Rubén Alvarez
Rubén has invented breakthrough computer vision and machine learning algorithms for precision inspection and cancer detection.
Pepe Meléndez
Embedded Systems
Pepe is our youngest engineer and has quickly become a swiss-army knife of indispensable robotics talents.
Joaquin Benitez
Joaquin is a TEDx speaker, drone racing pilot, and cartoonist who is passionate about using software to democratize technology.
Jessica Lee, PhD.
Jessica is a bio-inspired roboticist whose mechanical designs have been implemented by NASA.
Steve Barsanti
Engineering Operations
Steve is an expert in Operations and IT with 10+ years working in tech and a passion for racing motorcycles.
Javier Bórquez
Javier is a Hackathon enthusiast, a code, math, design and a tech lover who founds in software development the perfect balance.
Sofia Reynoso
Community Operations
Sofia has been enhancing team happiness and human potential for Silicon Valley startups in Mexico since 2011.
Austin Buchan, PhD.
Embedded Systems
Austin, YC founder and expert electrical engineer, has developed frontier technologies for PCBs and robotics.
Saeed Alrahma
Embedded Systems
Saeed has written mission-critical firmware for real-time operating systems in autonomous robots.
Clint Milmine
Robotics Technician
Clint has programmed, operated, and maintained precision industrial equipment in high-volume assembly lines for 20+ years.
Zach Lytle
Zach is a 8x world champion of combat robots, inventor of the Magnetic YoYo, and a master machinist.
Pedro Patlan, PhD.
Pedro has contributed in a demo at CES 2019 with continental. He has several publications in the best two conference in the world. He also has developed a medical robotic palpation framework.
Ingrid Navarro
Ingrid is one of our youngest members and an AI enthusiast who has published and spoken in various international conferences in AI and Robotics.
Zoe Chao
Zoe is a robotics and machine learning enthusiastic who has programmed autonomous robots and written an algorithm to identify toxic comments on the internet with 98% of success rate.

Our founding story

When we started, we were told it was impossible to build high-performance, intelligent robotic arms at our target price.

Asking experts why, we quickly realized the answers were based on precedent, not on physics. We believed that by leveraging advances from tangential industries it could be done. We knew, if we succeeded, we’d unlock new applications that could elevate the lives of millions of people.

After 18 months practically living on factory floors, we emerged with our prototype – an industrial-grade arm fabricated at 1/10th of the cost with sensing capabilities for intelligent operation. With just two engineers, a handful of interns, and less than $250k – we proved the experts wrong.

We’ve grown a lot since then, but our guiding principles remain the same: always challenge dogma to fight for what’s important.