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100 years ago, this was the face of production.

Today, not much has changed.

Robotic tools still fail manufacturers

Massive Upfront Costs

Systems typically cost $130k+ per robot per task when factoring all costs – impossible for most companies.

Weeks of Downtime

Average integration takes 4-8 weeks, but most assembly lines last 3-6 weeks – this cripples agility.

Nightmare Integration

Systems lack vision and intelligence, so even basic tasks require enormous integration

We believe robots should be


Accessible to companies of all sizes, empowering you to focus on growth instead of scramble for survival.


As fast and versatile as people, with preset tasks that seamlessly adapt to change.

Force Multipliers

Secret weapons that eliminate your daily business stresses and amplify innate human potential.

What if production tools empowered both business and people?

Tomorrow, they will. Sign up to learn more.

We believe in a world where
robots do robot work
so people can do people work

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