Managed Migrations with Carbon

Managed Migrations with Carbon

Migrations Made Easy with Carbon

In this rapidly evolving landscape of generative AI, it can feel like a new embedding model or vector database is being launched daily, and migration between these models and databases usually proves to be challenging.

Carbon is thrilled to announce the launch of our managed migration solution, enabling customers to switch easily between various vector databases and embedding models. Our goal is to help customers mitigate the risk of vendor lock-in and provide them with more optionality.

The Importance of Flexibility

At the core of numerous AI-driven applications lie vector databases, crucial for the efficient handling, storage, and analysis of high-dimensional vector data. Embedding models are equally vital, converting raw data into meaningful vector representations. With the rapid growth in Generative AI adoption, we're witnessing a surge in innovations within vector databases and embedding models. This evolution drives a demand among customers for the ability to effortlessly upgrade to more advanced embedding models and switch to the more cost-effective and performant vector database as they scale.

Carbon directly addresses this need, providing a seamless migration solution that empowers Carbon customers to transition easily between different vector databases and embedding models. A testament to our solution's efficacy is our client, My AskAI, who successfully migrated from the OpenAI ada v2 embedding model to the newer ada_large_1024 within a single day, thanks to Carbon.

Whether your focus is on similarity search, recommendation systems, or any other AI application reliant on vector data, our solution ensures you have the freedom to choose and switch to the database and model that best aligns with your evolving use cases.

Highlighting Our Key Features

  • Unified API: Simplify your workflow with access to multiple vector databases and embedding models through a single, user-friendly API. Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling different SDKs, systems, and interfaces.

  • Flexibility and Scalability: With Carbon, effortlessly navigate between databases and models to discover the ideal match for your project's needs, all while maintaining top-notch performance and scalability.

  • Comprehensive Support: Leverage Carbon's rich documentation, detailed tutorials, and our dedicated customer support team, ready to assist you at every step of your journey.

Accelerate Your AI Initiatives with Carbon

Carbon enables companies to achieve a higher engineering velocity in their AI initiatives by removing the concerns of vendor lock-in and platform risks. Whether you're a burgeoning startup exploring various AI applications or a large enterprise aiming to refine your existing systems, our platform equips you with the necessary utilities to navigate seamlessly the complex landscape of vector databases and embedding models.

Embark on Your Migration Journey

Ready to experience the future of vector database and embedding model management? Book a demo today for early access to our migration tool and take the first step towards achieving unmatched flexibility in your RAG pipeline.

Stay connected for more updates and enhancements as we expand our offerings, empowering businesses to leverage fully Generative AI technology's capabilities. Welcome to a new era of managed migrations, proudly presented by Carbon.

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