December 2023

S3 Connector 

  • We launched our S3 connector today that enables syncing objects from buckets.

  • The Carbon Connect enabledIntegrations value for S3 is S3.

  • See more specifics about our S3 connector here.

File + Account Management Component (BETA)

  • Users to add and revoke access to accounts under each connection.

  • Users to view and select specific folders and files for sync.

  • The aim is to offer a pre-built file selector for integrations without their own.

  • The component is currently offered in React but we’ll add support for other frameworks soon.

  • You can find the npm package here. Please note it’s still in BETA so your feedback is much appreciated!

Expanding sort for user_files_v2

  • You can sort by name, file_size and last_sync on order_by field in the user_files_v2 body.

  • See more details here.

Support for audio file uploads via connectors

  • We’ve enabled support for audio files via the following connectors: S3, Google Drive, Onedrive, SharePoint, Box, DropBox, Zotero.

  • See list of supported audio files here.

Google Verification

  • Carbon’s Google Connector is officially Google-verified. This means users will no longer see the warning screen when authenticating with Carbon’s Google connector.

OCR Public Preview

  • We’ve been rolling out support for OCR, starting with PDFs uploaded locally (images and data connectors to follow).

Exposing Sync Error Reasons

  • We are now exposing error messages under the sync_error_reason field for files entering SYNC_ERROR status.

  • You can find a list of common errors here and we’ll be updating this on an ongoing basis.

List and Sync Items from Data Sources

  • We’re introducing new functionalities that allow customers to synchronize and retrieve a comprehensive list of items such as files, folders, collections, articles, and more from a user’s data source. This enhancement empowers you to create an in-house file selection flow, while enabling Carbon to also provide a user-friendly file selector UI and convenient helper methods within our SDK.

  • You can find more details here.

Upload Chunks and Embeddings

  • Added /upload_chunks_and_embeddings endpoint to enable uploading of chunks and vectors to Carbon directly.

  • See more specific details here.


Data Connectors for LLMs