July 2024

File Deletion Enhancements 

  • When a customer deletes a file from Carbon (via delete_files_v2), they have the flexibility to control whether the file row in the database is preserved or marked as deleted when deleting a file.

    • This behavior is managed by the preserve_file_record flag. If preserve_file_record is set to true, then we delete the files stored in our S3/GCS while keeping the file record and metadata to allow for re-syncs and auto-syncs.

    • We also added a file_contents_deleted field to the user_files_v2 endpoint. If the field is returned as true, then the file record still exists, but the stored file content is deleted.

  • Find more details here.

High Accuracy Mode 

  • We’ve introduced a new optional boolean parameter to the /embeddings endpoint called high_accuracy . If set to true, then vector search may give more accurate results at a slight performance penalty. By default, it’s false.

  • Find more details here.

To And From Filters for Outlook and Gmail

  • We added 2 more filters for syncing emails from Outlook and Gmail:

  • Note: Outlook only supports from filters.

Intercom Auto-Sync Update

  • We are thrilled to announce 2 updates to our Intercom connector:

    • Carbon can now sync multiple Intercom Help Centers:

      • Help Centers are now synced into Carbon as files, and Help Center and articles form a parent-child relationship.

      • Just as only published articles are synced, only activated Help Centers will be synced.

    • Carbon can now sync any new published articles with auto-sync is enabled.

  • Reconnecting Existing Intercom Connections:

    • If you have existing Intercom connections in Carbon, please note that you will need to reconnect them to enable the updates above.


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